Robert Dilts - NLP Mastermind 2021

Modeling Robert Dilts in the service of physical health,

personal development and business excellence

October 28, 29 and 30, 2021

Robert Dilts masterclass nederland 2020 NLP Mastermind

See the latest NLP models in actual practice. 

Take this specialist NLP training, which is only available for NLP Master practitioners.

Robert will do coaching or consulting work with actual live goals or problems participants bring up. These issues can be personal (coaching) or organizational (consulting)
He will draw on four generations of NLP, 'Generative Change' (personal development) and 'Success Factor Modeling' (organization development).

An opportunity to model what he just did, the how and the why. 

Subsequently, in Masterminds, we will work on stabilizing the learnings and we will do change work with each other.

The importance of Robert Dilts for NLP
Robert Dilts is one of the most important and creative NLP developers. He has developed a large number of NLP techniques and models that are taught all over the world. The fact that the IEP Institute is the main Dutch source of NLP is partly due to our long relationship with Robert. NLP concepts such as inner strategies, the Disney strategy, the Bateson strategy, the logical levels, sleight of mouth, reimprinting and cooperative learning were all developed by Robert. He has written a large number of books on NLP, as well as developing the third and fourth generation NLP.

Organizational development
In recent years, Robert has focused on Success Factor Modeling, an innovative system for the New Entrepreneur (Next Generation Entrepreneur). New entrepreneurship is: building an organization based on your passion and leading it towards a goal in a conscious, sustainable way, while at the same time striving for a better world. Success Factor Modeling was created by modeling successful leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as by studying successful teams and successful organizations as a whole.

Generative Change

Furthermore, he and Stephen Gilligan borrowed the 'Generative Change' model from NLP. This is a model for personal change where the COACH state (a balanced, open, attentive, connected and accepting state of mind) is central, not only for the client, but certainly also for the coach. Generative change focuses on innovation, situations in which a person or an organization wants to take a whole new course. Furthermore, the "somatic representation" is important, i.e. the physical expression of intentions, resistances, resources and the like. As a result, the core is found more quickly and the essence is set down more clearly than with cognitive stories.


In actual practice, perhaps the most important aspect in Roberts model of generative change, is the systematic embracing of counterforces. It is precisely those parts that oppose the desired change, that are welcomed as valuable 'team members'. C.G. Jung spoke of enantiodromia: the strong presence of any phenomenon inevitably leads to its opposite. Systemically oriented therapists know this as equilibrium: any excess is counteracted by the system to restore balance. So every change, every goal, every intention, every plan will automatically evoke its counterforce. Dealing with this counterforce is an essential aspect of any successful development, certainly in the long term. It is a cornerstone of generative coaching.

Robert and the IEP

Robert Dilts has had a unique ability for the last 35 years to make complex human capabilities tangible, understandible and transferable. While at the same time placing them in a larger framework and connecting them in a completely new way with known NLP concepts. Robert has been coming to Nijmegen every year for almost as long to train for the IEP. Over the years he has had a major influence on IEP trainers.

"Experiences, feelings, intuitions, fears, desires, insights, large as well as small goals. They all fell into place."

"The training brought me - as an organizational consultant with more than 25 years of experience - overview and depth. In just three days many of my experiences, feelings, intuitions, fears, desires, insights, big as well as small goals have fallen into place. And that was done by the framework offered by the trainer and by the atmosphere he evokes with 45 fellow advisors and coaches. In one word: top class."

Jan Jacobs
Organisational developer

"Brings your development wishes to life as you work."

"Robert Dilts integrates NLP techniques in a beautiful, harmonious way
and brings your own development wishes to life. The training is very useful for daily practice!"

Caroline Peet

"I suddenly saw a whole range of possibilities. Light appeared in the darkness."

"This training came at a good moment in my life, where I was uncertain about the direction I was going. I learned to formulate my vision, my mission, my ambition and role. I suddenly saw a whole range of possibilities. Light appeared in the darkness."

Caroline Vonck
General Practitioner of Medicine

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October 28, 29 and 30, 2021

Working Hours
All three days from 10.00 - 13.00 and 14:30 - 18:00 hrs.

Amsterdam time (CEST)

NLP Master-practitioners certificate

Participation Cost
€ 895,--  including training documents, coffee, tea, lunch
You will not be charged VAT

If you get stuck or otherwise need information, feel free to call Jaap Hollander
+31 6 45 11 0996

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