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Connirae Andreas

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Connirae Andreas

Psychologist, NLP-trainer

Connirae Andreas, PhD, has been teaching, developing, and writing in the field of NLP since the late 70′s. She is perhaps most well known for her groundbreaking work developing the Core Transformation Process.  Connirae works with a growing network of Core Transformation Trainers internationally.  She is currently finishing a book on her new process, Coming to Wholeness. It works in the same direction as Core Transformation, yet the path is unique. The Wholeness Process is her modeling of a specific spiritual teaching, making it a doable method for anyone. As with Core Transformation it leads to a wellbeing within that makes life easier and more joyful. Other developments from Connirae include Aligning Perceptual Positions, and her work in Advanced Language Patterns.

The Wholeness Process is something I have been exploring myself for 7 years, and have been teaching to others over the past 4 years. It’s at a place now that I’m ready to make it available more widely.”